How South Wake Landfill navigated a decade of rapid urbanisation

The landfill needed a solution to build transparent communication with the growing community in its neighbourhood and centralise odour complaints process to help optimise its incident mitigation resources.

Commencing operations in 2008, South Wake Landfill—located in North Carolina, USA —is a municipal solid waste management facility that holds a geographical footprint of 179 acres with a gross capacity of 31 million cubic yards of waste. 

South Wake Landfill was originally built in an isolated location, away from residential community for well-planned and systematic waste management operations. However, growing residential sprawl around the facility resulted in increased odor complaints and challenging conditions for the waste operator.  

The waste management teamed up with Envirosuite to deploy a comprehensive odour management system and automate the process of validating community odour complaints. 

Find out how South Wake County Landfill is using Envirosuite to:

  • Automate odour complaint verification process 

  • Focus investigation and optimise resources for odour incident mitigation 

  • Transparently demonstrate operational compliance and build social license to operate