Ensuring sustainable steelmaking operations with environmental intelligence.

A steel plant is focused on a data-driven approach to measure, monitor and reduce the impact of dust, air quality and noise on the local community.

The steel producer is one of the biggest employers in Europe and produces nearly 5 million tonnes of steel slabs per annum. Many people who live in the neighbouring community are employed at the steelworks, meaning any environmental impact derived from the facility itself has a direct effect on its employees and their families. 

Despite being a major contributor to the region’s economy, the steel giant faces challenges in running a facility that has been in business for over 100 years and regularly experiences operational downtime due dust, noise and odour issues. 

The steel manufacturer is committed to upgrading its assets and employing a more digitised approach to understanding the environmental footprint in relation to any emissions that leave its facility. 

Find out how the steel giant used environmental intelligence to: 

  • Collect and analyse fragmented data from its monitoring network. 

  • Identify the source of site-generated emissions. 

  • Schedule plant activities to minimise operational downtime.