Conducting responsible mining with environmental intelligence.

A large mine site operating with integrated port operations in South America needed to find a solution to keep up with its production schedule while transparently demonstrating responsible activities to all stakeholders.

The mining giant operating in South America is committed to the highest standards of ethics and respect in its engagement with all its stakeholders. The company is determined to undertake operations responsibly regarding the environment and neighbouring communities. Its environmental strategy is aligned with five points: biodiversity and landscape, water, air waste and materials, and energy and climate action.

To assist with its sustainability strategy and adhere to responsible mining practices, the coal producer contracted Envirosuite—a global leader in environmental intelligence. 

Find out how the mining giant used environmental intelligence to: 

  • Achieve faster responses to emissions impact. 

  • Minimise water usage for dust suppression. 

  • Upkeep responsible and sustainable mining practices.