City of Kalamazoo Water Reclamation Plant: Building community relationships and managing risk proactively

KWRP needed to find a solution for odour monitoring and measurement on and off site, while presenting community with a trusted and conclusive data of the odour source.

The City of Kalamazoo is in southwestern Michigan approximately 136 miles west of Detroit, 73 miles southwest of Lansing, and 145 miles east of Chicago. A wide variety of industries and businesses call Kalamazoo home, including major players in the pharmaceutical, medical science, paper mill and craft beer industries. 

The wastewater treatment facility has been under increasing scrutiny due to odour complaints from the local community. The odour complaints have been received from the adjacent communities, but historically it’s been difficult to assess KWRP’s specific contribution, or whether their operations are the cause of those nuisances at all. The plant’s proximity to other facilities makes it difficult to use traditional investigation methods in order to reach a conclusive answer. 

Find out how KWRP used environmental intelligence to:
Lower cost of odour reduction and mitigation strategies  
Build trust with the local community  
Shorten investigation time of emissions incidents