An odour abatement taskforce powered by environmental intelligence

A local environmental regulatory body in Australia needs to identify odour sources and timely allocate incident response teams in a busy industrial area that includes multiple landfills and composting operations.

Under strict regulations to prevent odour nuisance complaints, a local regulatory body in the area has established a team to ensure operational standards are met. In an industrial area comprised of landfills and composting sites, identifying odour emissions is an everyday challenge for the team. 

The odour taskforce—comprised of specialist officers—needed a solution to investigate and responsd to concersn raised by the community about odours, dust and other environmental nuisance in and around the industrial area.

Find out how the odour abatement taskforce used environmental intelligence to: 

  • Identify odour sources in the locality 

  • Resolve community odour complaints quickly 

  • Allocate resources incident response team