The world's largest shale oil producer strengthens commitment to sustainability with Envirosuite

Estonian shale oil producer Viru Keemia Grupp will deploy our Omnis platform to ensure responsible, sustainable, and efficient operations that work transparently with nearby communities. 


Jason Cooper


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We are pleased to announce that Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG), the world’s largest shale oil producer, has signed a three-year contract to deploy our Industrial environmental intelligence platform Omnis.

As a market leader, VKG has prioritised environmental stewardship and integrated it directly into its processes. The company is continuously committed to responsible, sustainable, and efficient operations that work transparently with nearby communities. 
Omnis will be deployed at VKG’s facility near Kohtla-Järve in Estonia. The platform will provide VKG with an integrated real-time and forecasting air quality management system. Operators will be empowered with situational awareness of their emissions both inside and outside their facility, allowing them to optimise operations to mitigate emissions risks.


Users at the facility will be able to pinpoint emissions events with a high degree of confidence to take prompt mitigation action when necessary. Hyperlocal weather and emissions forecasts will also enhance operational planning at VKG’s facility by empowering their team to identify low-risk windows and schedule activities with minimum impact. 
Martin Sikk, Safety and Environmental Manager of the Group´s subsidiary VKG Oil, is convinced that an integrated environmental intelligence platform is another step towards improving the Group's efforts and commitment to reduce environmental impacts, particularly odour, on the local community.  

Martin Sikk, Safety and Environmental Manager of the Group's subsidiary VKG Oil commented:  

“As a large industrial company, one of our goals is to minimise possible environmental impacts and continuously improve air quality in the nearby areas. Envirosuite’s Omnis platform will be the heart of the Group’s air quality monitoring network. We believe that Omnis will provide us with the tools to gain actionable real-time information, including modelling and forecasting of air quality in our production area and in the local community, to better analyse our impact and plan the day-to-day operations of our production facilities, which will help us improve environmental performance.”  

We are excited to collaborate with Viru Keemia Grupp in their dedication to sustainability. Our team has made significant advancements in Omnis to provide unparalleled accuracy in our powerful modelling engine. This particularly enhances our hyperlocal meteorology and odour forecasting capabilities. The team at VKG will be able to understand how weather affects their operations at a high resolution, but also proactively manage their air quality impact and remain responsible neighbours to their community.

It's always pleasing to see a growing number of companies like VKG utilising Omnis to minimise their environmental impact and showcase responsible, effective operations.

Watch: Short demo of Omnis in action at industrial operations

Envirosuite's Omnis solution is now assisting operators from a growing number of industry sectors around the world with proactive air quality management, mitigating emissions impact and daily management of complex infrastructure.

Watch a short demo below to see how Omnis can help your facility:

  • Identify problematic emissions sources to maintain compliance and reduce cost of mitigation

  • Increase operational efficiency and minimise lengthy stoppages from breaches or non-compliance events

  • Respond to community concerns about environmental impact and build social license to operate

About Viru Keemia Grupp

Viru Keemia Grupp (VKG) is a private Estonian large-scale industrial enterprise. The company focuses on oil shale mining, shale oil, combined heat and power production and marketing of fine chemical products. VKG is the largest shale oil producer in the world, proudly continuing the Estonian tradition of adding value to oil shale that dates back to 1924. The Group´s main values are openness, dedication to our work, and continuous development. The company believes that every step and every action it takes must create value for everyone – our employees, partners, clients, and the local community alike.