Odotech transaction complete

We are pleased to announced that we have acquired the assets of Odotech Inc, the Montreal-based environmental technology company specialising in the monitoring and management of odours, gaseous contaminants and dust.


Peter White


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This acquisition will further bolster Envirosuite’s offering and enable it to compete more effectively on a global scale through a product platform that will integrate the best of both organisations' feature functionality.

Expanding global influence in odour from Montreal

The addition of Odotech will add a depth of experience and expertise of industries where odour is a major cause of environmental issues and complaints. This is particularly so in the Wastewater, Composting, Pulp and Paper sectors as well as municipal services. Odotech has over 70 Odowatch sites worldwide. Odotech owns a family of patents and intellectual property relating to its proprietary hardware and processes. This includes the OdoWatch platform which supports active air quality management for sites managed by industries and municipal services.

Envirosuite will have its product development team based in both Brisbane and Montreal, while Odotech's sales and support functions in Canada and Chile will integrate with the existing global Envirosuite sales and marketing team.

The acquisition represents a major step-up for Envirosuite. The acquisition will further build on our strategy in environmental management best practice with Odotech providing us with expanded functionality and the potential for a material increase in our customer base as well as new strategic partner relationships to enhance our business. - CEO Peter White on Envirosuite’s acquisition of Odotech

At the same time, this is a strategic move to rapidly increase our worldwide footprint with an offering that will combine the best of both software platforms. Odotech's deep odour experience will augment our existing solutions for the wastewater market. We'll now set our sights on incorporating the complementary elements of the Odotech platform into the market-leading Envirosuite SaaS platform.'