EVS Water: Delivering strong and quantifiable value for customers

FY23 saw innovative early adopters becoming lighthouse reference cases for EVS Water.


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Envirosuite has remained focused on delivering strong and quantifiable value to early EVS Water customers during FY23, a critical step for early- stage technology to ensure new innovative customers become lighthouse reference cases that can be used to accelerate future success. This focus has resulted in significant advancements within the portfolio, including improved configuration tools enabling rapid platform implementation and significant product scalability improvements resulting in much faster processing times and the ability to manage very large network models.

Additional advancements include improvements to user interfaces enabling customers to start analysing results faster and more intuitively and the flexibility to arrange scenarios and results according to the user’s specific requirements or preferences. 

SeweX customers experience rapid improvements in chemical dosing assessments

Off the back of this work, SeweX customers are reporting the improved ability to assess chemical dosing requirements in their sewer networks, including the locations within the network where dosing would be most effective, within just one week. Customers are also reporting the improved ability to assess capital works proposals within sewer networks and associated chemical dosing options to quickly understand the impacts to the sewer network if those proposed works were undertaken. 

Hong Kong Water Supplies Department reports strong ROI with Envirosuite's Plant Optimiser

Similarly, the Hong Kong Water Supplies Department (WSD) Tai Po Water Treatment Works (WTW) has reported strong return on investment following its adoption of Plant Optimiser for its first ever digital twin project in conventional water treatment. Envirosuite has proven to WSD that the models within Plant Optimiser can be relied upon to provide accurate, actionable advice on optimal coagulant dosing and alum usage without compromising water quality objectives.

The platform identified the potential for a 23% reduction in alum usage at the plant compared to business-as-usual operations and has reduced the operations team's reliance on jar tests to ensure high-quality drinking water. 

Envirosuite secures NEOM project for sustainable water infrastructure in Saudi Arabia

Envirosuite’s success with WSD was critical in landing NEOM, a visionary cross-border city in north-western Saudi Arabia fuelled by USD $500 billion in funding and a highly referenceable site within the Middle East region. NEOM’s water department (ENOWA) chose EVS Water to help optimise the city’s water infrastructure and water operations to achieve their environmental objectives at two existing desalination plants. 

Envirosuite and the EVS Water platform will empower ENOWA to develop and optimise its water treatment process designs and capital cost plans, and support climate change initiatives by simulating net zero technologies and assessing their performance, such as Zero Liquid Discharge. 

More updates on EVS Water from our CEO 

On Tuesday, 22 August 2023, we hosted a presentation of our FY23 results. Watch the video below as CEO Jason Cooper takes us through more updates about EVS Water product suite in his presentation. 

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