Envirosuite secures Singaporean wastewater project

This is our first direct commission by a south-east Asian government. Furthermore, Singapore is a global leader in the field of wastewater treatment.


Peter White


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Key Highlights

  • First direct commission by a South-east Asian Government

  • Potential for significant flow on work with Singapore and other governments in region.

  • Showcase trial provides additional platform to market Envirosuite’s full range of proprietary technologies across Asia

Singapore is a global leader in Wastewater Treatment

We are pleased to announce that we have secured a paid trial of wastewater treatment plant odour management technology with the Singaporean government.

The paid trial is Envirosuite’s first direct commission by a south-east Asian government and is especially significant because of Singapore’s globally leading position in the field of wastewater treatment and water recycling as well as its reputation for early adoption of technology.

The trial will run over a 12-month period at two separate locations. The two trial sites are in close proximity to residential and commercial areas. The government will use the EVS solution to monitor environmental performance, to place staff on alert at high-risk periods and to investigate the source of odour complaints enabling better engagement with the local community

Expansion plans to more sites with Singaporean Government

Once the trial is deemed a success, Envirosuite will be ideally placed to install its technology at four other wastewater treatment plants as well as target additional business with the Government of Singapore.

We are extremely pleased to secure this trial with the Republic of Singapore given its position as global leader in the fields of wastewater treatment and water recycling.

Singapore’s exacting standards of compliance and performance will provide Envirosuite with a platform to showcase our technology, and opens avenues for sales of other EVS solutions, especially the new EVS Water Optimiser solution which goes beyond mere regulatory compliance and helps wastewater plant operators better manage their costs in real time. It further reinforces Envirosuite’s unique position, global reach and leadership in the rapidly expanding field of Environmental Intelligence

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