Go beyond traditional air quality monitoring

Real-time air quality monitoring solutions for industrial operators to act on site-generated emissions and limit compliance breaches.


Acting on ambient air quality monitoring data is difficult without sufficient context

Taking action on air quality issues requires information: it's not enough to just know that there is an issue, you need to know how to focus the action efficiently on the cause of the problem. For many types of emissions, seeing the problem is not possible because the pollutant is invisible. Emissions are also often highly variable over time and their impact strongly depend on weather conditions. 

The air we breathe is at the core of Envirosuite's business. We have always believed in the power of environmental intelligence to tackle air quality monitoring challenges.

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Core benefits

Air quality measurement solutions to achieve operational success

Envirosuite’s air quality measurement solutions are designed to be used by non-specialists. Our cloud-based software is designed to empower your operation with actionable insights through data capture from air quality monitoring devices, visualisation, analytics, prediction and reporting.

No other air quality solutions offer the same level of scientific and technological excellence in such a user-friendly, practical form to benefit ambient air quality monitoring programs at your operations.

Maintain compliance for air quality emissions

Get a bird's eye view of your ambient air quality monitoring network in parallel with local weather to easily identify unfolding issues and act accordingly.

Receive early warnings of threshold breaches

Act on alerts from air quality monitoring networks and predict the conditions that lead to higher pollutant impacts, so that you can be ready for them.

Diagnose the source of problematic air quality emissions

Run reverse trajectory modelling to determine the likely sources of air complaints lodged by nearby communities.

High-resolution forecasts of weather and air quality emissions

Model weather and air quality pollutant emission rates and concentration at your site up to 72-hours in advance.

Inside the product

A bird's eye view of air quality monitoring data, local weather conditions and what's next

We have focused our product design on specific air quality management requirements so you can avoid unwanted detail and get straight to the relevant, actionable information you need to achieve operational goals.


Plan ahead for periods of high weather and air quality risk

Use high-resolution weather forecasting to better plan emitting activities, avoid adverse air quality impact and advise personnel about upcoming risks.

Maintain compliance with highly accurate air quality monitoring data

All data is collected, stored and displayed in our cloud-based software so that stakeholders can access it from any suitable connected device.

Lower investigation time of air quality complaints

Our proprietary source identification algorithm uses complex emission source information so you can understand exactly what areas of your site are potentially at risk of impacting surrounding communities.

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Find out how Environmental Intelligence can help you unlock value beyond environmental compliance and empower you to make confident operational decisions.

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Recommended solutions for industrial air quality measurement

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We collect data from most air quality monitoring devices.

We also build our own, easily deployable hardware.

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We can also work with your pre-existing ambient air quality monitoring devices.

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