Stakeholder Engagement

Drive stakeholder engagement plans and respond to changing environmental legislation at industrial operations with transparency.


Transparency is now mission-critical to stakeholder engagement plans

Industrial operations and growing populations are moving closer to each other. Effective stakeholder engagement plans in line with increasing environmental legislation are critical to operational success and future growth.

Positively influencing communities will always continue to be a ‘marathon’ rather than a ‘sprint’.  Our Stakeholder Engagement solution provides the ideal starting line.

Platform features

Software designed to work with communities and shifting environmental legislation

Environmental Justice laws and community action groups bring increased oversight on existing industrial facilities. Now more than ever, operators need to build trust and tolerance with surrounding communities through transparency.

Our software empowers communities to self-investigate environmental observations with easy-to-understand dashboards. Your operation can drive specific questions around noise, odour, dust and vibration observations directed at your facility.

Public portals for self investigation of complaints

Enable open and transparent communication with surrounding communities while supporting stakeholder engagement plans.

Defensible data to avoid damage to your reputation

Ensure the community and decision makers draw the right conclusions and understand how operations are proactively working to reduce impact.

Location specific information and neighbourhood hotspots

Tailor community experiences to specific locations and identify neighbourhood hotspots.

Highlight proactive efforts for environmental justice programs

Ensure the community and decision makers draw the right conclusions and understand how operations are proactively working to reduce impact.

Inside the product

Transparent public portal software for operational success with environmental justice programs

Public perception of industrial facilities is dynamic and subject to change, often very quickly. Our Stakeholder Engagement solution allows you to upkeep your site’s reputation.

Demonstrate transparency and evidence of compliance

Support stakeholder engagement plans under environmental legislation using using public portal solutions that can be easily hosted on your official website.

Support growth and expansion initiatives throughout multiple operational phases

Deliver an educational information portal presented in layperson’s terms to answer questions from the community and support environmental justice programs.

Positively influence public perception and work with environmental justice programs

Avoid poor publicity from the press by supporting your team with defensible data that demonstrates proactive efforts to mitigate environmental impact.


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Customer service

Tailor-fit to your site to drive transparency around environmental legislation

Our team of specialists will work with you to address your site's specific requirement. We can answer questions you may have about operational or environmental challenges you may be experiencing at your site.

We can make recommendations for third-party hardware our we can hook directly into pre-existing environmental monitoring and sensor networks at your site.

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