Air quality and noise management at a UK steelworks operation

Proactive air quality and dust management solution implemented at a UK steelworks


An integrated steel production plant in the UK is experiencing operational issues related to air quality and noise management.




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Compliance obligations around air quality and noise issues need to be met to keep operating

An integrated steel production plant in the UK is capable of producing nearly 5 million tonnes of steel slab per annum. The operation is experiencing operational issues related to dust, odour and noise management.

Environmental and community obligations must be met so the plant to keep the plant operating efficiently. Operations team at the steelworks need a solution to proactively manage and drive improvement in the air quality impacts of their operations.


Analysing air quality sensor and noise monitoring equipment data with Envirosuite software

Sixty existing real-time air quality sensors and three weather stations around the facility have been installed and data collected is fed directly into the Envirosuite platform. Data collected from this sensor network is analysed by Envirosuite’s unique solutions for air quality management.

The image above shows an example of Envirosuite software similar to the implementation at the steelworks facility. This solution provides facilities actionable insights based on data from their environmental monitoring and sensor networks. 


Taking action before air quality issues occur

The steelworks facility can now use insights from the Envirosuite platform to take action before air quality and noise issues occur at their operation to respond rapidly and effectively.

Operational and Environmental staff at the site can now better manage the relationship between the facility operations and the air quality in the surrounding community. We are excited about this project’s potential to be replicated across many operations within the global steelworks industry.